Hello! This is a website I created as a project in one of my graduate courses this summer at Texas State. Enjoy!



See Knick Knack!

This is a short film made by Pixar. For my class all of the sound was stripped off and I had to supply the sound effects and music.


I have taught elementary music for ten years now.
I've been at Walnut Creek Elementary since August 2000.

Walnut Creek Website

The Special Area Team 2005-06: Joyce Kennie (P.E.), Maria Satterwhite (Music), Gordon Jones (Art), Andrea Avendano (Art),
Rebecca Jafari (Music), Natanya Diamant (P.E.), Darren Damewood (Art Student Teacher)

See my Finale project!

I had to take a piece of published music and use the music notation software, Finale, to input all of the notes and markings to make it a look just like the published version. I chose to do the song, "Come Ready and See Me," since I needed to get it transposed for a voice student.

Hear the Walnut Creek Choir!

"The Old Carrion Crow"